The cast resin transformers does not require a specific maintenance anyway in order to ensure a longer life we recommend to monitor his functioning and properties.
We recommend to perform the following actions at least once per year:
- Cleaning of HV and LV windings and cooling ducts from dust by means of dry compressed air jets and dry cloths.
- Dry the eventual condensation created nearby the transformer.
- Check of proper HV and LV connections tightening in accordance with Tab.5 and Tab.6
- Check the correct functioning of thermal protection.


If the transformer is subject to a discontinues operation and has long off load times all the operations described on point 4 have to be performed again before first energization.

If the transformer has withstood exceptional events like, short circuits, atmospheric or operational over-voltages, overflowing or other exceptional events you are request to contact our technical department before to energize them once again. We recommend to send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. describing the type of problem, the transformer’s serial number and technical characteristics and a photographic report of the same (including HV and LV connections and routing) or contact us at +39 0575 680701.