Upon receipt of the transformer, you must check that:

  • There are no packaging damages
  • There are no transport damages on the transformer
  • The transformer complies with technical characteristics requested during the purchase
  • All the accessories are available and not damaged

Any non-conformity has to be immediately reported in the document of transport otherwise IMEFY SpA shall not be considered as responsible.
The unloading of the transformer (which must be carried out with the appropriate instruments and by qualified personnel according to the safety regulations in force) and the removal of the packaging must absolutely be carried out in total safety.


The transformer can be lifted exclusively through its own lifting lugs (see Fig. 2) placed in the upper magnetic core frame (Fig. 1 point 1). In case the transformer has to be shifted in longitudinal way the transformer can be pulled only using the haulage holes placed in the lower magnetic core frame (Fig.1 point 8).
If the transformer is in a wooden case, the handling must be carried out according to the instructions given in the packaging.
Improper handling may cause the overturning of the transformer, in addition during all movements (including unloading) the windings, electrical connections and connection terminals must not be pushed and/or hit!

2019 Trasporto fig 2
During transport on the truck, the transformer must be placed so as not to bump with any object and so as to allow the appropriate anchoring to the platform with straps which have to be applied to the holes of the upper magnetic core frame.
The transformer must be firmly fixed to the platform of the truck in 4 points (see Fig. 3) and each straps used for anchoring must have a minimum capacity rate equal to the transformer weight, which is shown on the characteristic plate (Fig. 1 point 4 ) and in the transport document.
Remember to place the straps exclusively in the holes of the upper magnetic core frame.
The straps must absolutely not touch the windings and the electrical connections of the transformer.
Fig. 3
2019 Trasporto fig 3
When the transformer is equipped with an enclosure, this must be moved using transformer’s lifting eyes, previously removing the roof of the box, as shown in the photo (Fig. 4).
Do not attach to any lifting eyebolts on the roof of the box! They are used only to facilitate the removal of the roof and not to lift the transformer!
Fig. 4
2019 Trasporto fig 4
Furthermore, during transport, the transformer must be fixed on the platform exclusively in its lower part through the anchoring holes positioned in the trolley for shifting of the transformer (Fig. 5).
Fig. 5
2019 Trasporto fig 5



The transformer has to be kept inside its own package in a dry and clean area.