This document provides instructions for a correct installation, use and maintenance of IMEFY SpA cast resin transformers.

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IEC 60076-1 (Power transformers Part 1: General)
IEC 60076-2 (Power transformers Part 2: Temperature rise)
IEC 60076-3 (Power transformers Part 3: Insulation levels, dielectric tests and external clearances in air) 
IEC 60076-4 (Power transformers Part 4 : Guide to the lightning impulse and switching impulse testing - Power transformers and reactors) 
IEC 60076-5 (Power transformers Part 5: Ability to withstand short circuit) 
IEC 60076-8 (Power transformers Part 8: Application Guide) 
IEC 60076-10 (Power transformers Part 10: Determination of sound levels) 
IEC 60076-11 (Power transformers Part 11: Dry-type transformers) 
IEC 60076-12 (Power transformers - Part 12: Loading guide for dry-type power transformers) 
IEC 60076-16 (Power transformers - Part 16: Transformers for wind turbine applications) 
IEC 50588-1 (Medium power transformers 50 Hz, with highest voltage for equipment not exceeding 36 kV Part 1 General requirements) 
IEC 61936-1 (Power installations exceeding 1 kV a.c. - Part 1: Common rules)


Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21/10/2009.

Commission Regulation (EU) No 548/2014 of 21/05/14.

Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/1783 of 01/10/2019.


CE Marking is affixed in accordance with art. 5 of Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council and in compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 548/2014 of Commission of 21 May 2014 concerning the application of Directive 2009/125 with regard to small, medium and large power transformers and following Regulation (EU) 2019/1783 of Commission of 01 October 2019.
IMEFY SpA transformers are fully compliant with above mentioned documents and comply with the requirements of environmental compliance, in addition they are provided with CE marking and declaration of conformity.


Cast resin transformers are to be taken into consideration for the disturbance caused by the magnetic field, which is generated by the dispersed flow produced by the current of secondary connections. The magnetic field issued by the windings is moderate and in any case lower than the one issued by the connections, in addition the values of the latter decrease rapidly as the distance from the machine increases. As previously mentioned, cast resin transformers are very often installed inside metal containers or properly screened rooms that reduce the amplitude of the magnetic field by three or four times.


The drawing below shows standard construction details of IMEFY SpA transformers.
For non-standard transformers or for more information please contact our technical department providing the serial number of the transformer object of the request.

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