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The IMEFY Cast resin transformers are complying with the REG. UE 548/2014 and European Directive 2009/12/CE del 21/10/2009, the IMEFY cast resin transformers are respecting the enironmental compability standards and are provided with CE marking and documentation of conformity.








IMEFY manufacture cast resin transformers for distribution as well as for special applications like photovoltaic, wind turbines, rectifier, traction, oil & gas, mines and other special installation and application in accordance with the request of customers witch are present all over the world with voltage up to 36kV and power up to 25MVA.



Wind farms

Photovoltaic plants

CHP Combined heat and power plants

UPS systems

• Datacenters

Railways, Tramways, funicular railways and metro

Welding systems

Lifting systems

Induction furances

Variable speed and variable frequency drives

Well drilling systems


Main technical carachteristics

• Power rating up to 25.000 kVA

• Frequency 50 - 60 Hz

Nominal primary and secondary voltage yp to 36 kV

Isolation Class up to H.


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